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sidefeed releases new version of fast feed reader, "Fresh Reader".

sidefeed releases "Productivity Booster", a fast RSS feed reader, "Fresh Reader".

TOKYO JAPAN, March 14 - sidefeed Inc., a feed-based software company in Japan, is pleased to announce that they have released a brand-new tool for feed lovers, a new version of their fast feed reader, "Fresh Reader".

Fresh Reader is a web-based, server type RSS feed reader.
It gives you a simple way to boost your productivity, "runs fast in your hands".

It is up to you where you host your Fresh Reader. It runs in your intranet as well as internet, not just for yourself, but for your group members, and for both business and personal uses. In any cases, it runs FAST.

Fresh Reader also has other concepts of "Read once, search later," and "Subscribe your interests", to boost your productivity.

The first version of Fresh Reader is one of the most popular feed readers in Japan, and this second version is fully internationalized and localized. It automatically adjusts time zone to your local time.
Other many features are enhanced, and the new version is free for personal users.

"Fresh Reader is a unique feed reader. It is web-based but downloadable, which gives you a new idea to host your own feed reader exclusively for you. It is well designed to work as a "Productivity Booster". Just try Fresh Reader, and then you will first notice that it is simple and fast. You will second notice that it gives you a faster way to get access to the desired information. As it supports intranet, we believe Fresh Reader is one of the best solution even for the corporate users who want to sort out expanding information with feeds.", Yoski Akamatsu, CEO of sidefeed, Inc.

For more information about Fresh Reader, please visit our website:


About sidefeed, Inc.

sidefeed, Inc. was founded in Aug 2005 in Tokyo, Japan.
Since then, we has evolved into web based technologies and provided many services related to feeds and productivity, such as "toread" (
Our mission is to make the inexhaustible information simple by just the simple way.
We provide simple services for bloggers as well as companies to make it useful for the marketing activities.

For more information visit .

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