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sidefeed releases "Fresh Meeting", Group chat room to boost your creativity.

sidefeed releases "Fresh Meeting", Group chat room to boost your creativity.

TOKYO JAPAN, February 14 - sidefeed Inc., a feed-based software company in Japan, is pleased to announce that they have released a brand-new web service for creative teams, a brand-new service "Fresh Meeting".

Fresh Meeting is a web-based real time group chat service.

You can create your own web chat room, invite whoever you want to chat with and share files with them.

Fresh Meeting can send updates via email, Windows Live Messanger, Windows Taskbar. Also, you can send all the updates to your twitter account.

You can share files with your group members up to 10 MB for each file. You have 100MB total disk space, and all the files are well organized by Smart Folder.

You can review your past chat transcripts anytime you want. The transcripts can be obtained in the form of a text file as well as a html file.

All you have to do is to open your account on the web. You don't have to install anything in your computer.

Fresh Meeting is a Free service for those who wants to boost your creativity

For more information about Fresh Reader, please visit our website:


About sidefeed, Inc.

sidefeed, Inc. was founded in Aug 2005 in Tokyo, Japan.
Since then, we has evolved into web based technologies and provided many services related to feeds and productivity, such as "toread" (
Our mission is to make the inexhaustible information simple by just the simple way.
We provide simple services for bloggers as well as companies to make it useful for the marketing activities.

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