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sidefeed releases "Joker Racer", a real time internet based RC car experience

Sidefeed releases "Joker Racer", a real time internet based RC car experience. Control a car from far off from your desk.

TOKYO JAPAN, August 26 - sidefeed Inc., a feed-based software company in Japan, is pleased to announce that they have released a unique web service, “Joker Racer”.

Joker Racer is a service to remote drive a linux-hearted wifi enabled model cars from anywhere in the world. You can drive Joker cars right from your web browser.
Joker Racer also has a racing track for this release so that you can freely enjoy your drive in our track.

The visual images from the car are sent to your browser in almost real-time, which enables you to remote control fast driving car by looking at the streaming images on the browser with your keyboards. You can also chat with other drivers or observers while driving. The driving images will be recorded so that you can watch them later.

This service is launched at the O’Reilly’s web tech event “where 2.0 2009” this May in San Jose. We’ve also awarded as a Grand Prix Prize at WISH2009 conference this August in Japan.



This beta release is the first time for Joker Racer to make this unique experience available to public.

On this release, we provide drive points (which is necessary to drive) for the users who registered to Joker Racer, though free points are limited only 25 users per day. Also the opening hours will be limited to 4-6 hours per day.

So the chances to drive our cars are limited, but you can enjoy driving of other users by observing the car in real time.

For more information about Joker Racer, please visit our website:

About sidefeed, Inc.

sidefeed, Inc. was founded in Aug 2005 in Tokyo, Japan.
Since then, we has evolved into web based technologies and provided many services related to feeds and productivity, such as "toread" (
Our mission is to make the inexhaustible information simple by just the simple way.
We provide simple services for bloggers as well as companies to make it useful for the marketing activities.

For more information see

About Joker Works

Joker Works is a name of the upcoming company exclusively for this Joker Racer project. Joker Works is scheduled to be founded in this September as a brand new company.

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